Copy-editing and proofreading


In fiction, each choice of word weaves the fabric of an author’s unique voice and style.

Book Nanny Approved Partner Member ALLiCopy-editing focuses primarily on a manuscript’s language, the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the text, to ensure clarity of communication with the reader. A copy-edit deals with spelling, grammar, meaning and sense of words, the order of information or images within paragraphs or small sections of text, style issues such as repetition or overuse of words or phrases, as well as checking for consistency in timings, spelling of character names, and so on.


Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process: a proofreader will check for any typos or errors which have crept into the manuscript during editing and/or typesetting.

For further details about copy-editing or proofreading, please see ‘What type of editing?’ in Book Nanny’s Editing FAQs.

Combining a passion for drama with an enthusiasm for grammar, spelling, punctuation and all forms of writing in general, Book Nanny offers authors a comprehensive copy-editing and proofreading service at competitive prices.

Book Nanny: nursing and nurturing for all your creative writing needs. 

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