Developmental editing and manuscript evaluations

Developmental editing 

In fiction, story is everything and how you tell that story defines you as an author. Developmental editing deals with a novel as a whole, looking at the overall story and the order of events.

Book Nanny Approved Partner Member ALLiBook Nanny’s development editing service focuses on the essential elements of storytelling: character, plot, structure, dialogue, pacing, point of view and narrative voice.

Each development edit provides:

  • a detailed, fully-annotated analysis of the manuscript highlighting the structural strengths and weaknesses of the narrative
  • a report offering an overview of structural issues with suggestions and recommendations for the next draft.

Manuscript evaluations

Book Nanny can also provide a more general evaluation or critique of your manuscript. The evaluation report highlights what you are communicating to your readers, what is working well and what may require further work. The report can also look at genre and target readership issues.

So, whether you are considering self-publishing or simply need to polish your submission for an agent, publisher or writing competition, Book Nanny is here to help you make your book the best it can be.

For further details on developmental editing and manuscript evaluations, see ‘What type of editing?’ in Book Nanny’s Editing FAQs, or Book Nanny’s blog posts ‘The Heart of the Matter’ and ‘This wood’d be great…

Author Mentoring

Book Nanny’s author mentoring services are tailor-made to an author’s individual needs. Please contact Book Nanny to discuss your mentoring requirements.

Book Nanny: nursing and nurturing for all your creative writing needs. 

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