Always: Carter Kids #1.5 by Chloe Walsh

Explicit content, 18+

Always: Carter Kids #1.5 by Chloe WalshJordan and Hope have been best friends their entire lives. A three-year age gap never mattered to them – they always remained inseparable.

Jordan spent his whole life protecting the little girl who called his father Uncle Derek, and Hope spent her whole life adoring the boy with the green eyes. From slumber parties to camping holidays the pair have always been together, enjoying each other’s company, guiding one another.

But then, at thirteen, Jordan’s mother moves him back to his hometown of Addyson, and his whole life – his future – is transformed. When the time comes for Jordan to finally return to Thirteenth Street, Hope discovers something is very wrong…

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Blurring Lines: Book One (Blurred Lines 1) by Chloe Walsh

Explicit content, 18 +

Blurring Lines by Chloe Walsh, Book One (Blurred Lines 1)Cade 
I lost her. I was the one who was supposed to protect her and I let her down. They took her from me and she was subjected to crimes that made my stomach churn.

But now Mackenzie’s back – by some miracle she came back to me. Things are different between us now, and I need to keep my distance from her. Because even though I know Mackenzie has been through hell and back these past three years, and I have moved on with my girlfriend Emily, and hell, our parent’s are married now, I can’t stop myself from wanting her.

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