Choosing an editor

Choosing an editor 

Choosing an editor is an important step for an author. It is hard for any writer to hand over their ‘baby’ to anyone, and there are a lot of people out there who tell you they can do the job. As an author, you are looking for someone not only with the necessary skills and experience, but whom you can trust to do the best for you and your book.

Choosing the right editorSo, if your goal is a successful, long-term professional relationship, how do you avoid the pitfalls in choosing an editor?

Book Nanny’s top tips for choosing the right editor for you

  • Be clear what type of editing you need from the start
  • Do your research and shop around, and
  • Word-of-mouth recommendation—very important—ask other writers for their recommendations and check out testimonials.

Further details are available in Book Nanny’s ‘Let the Right One In’ blog post.

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