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Fiction and creative non-fiction

Book Nanny Writing and Editing Services © Bernadette Kearns 2013-2018I work with storytelling in many forms. As a writer, I understand the writing process. As an actor, I understand how to get at the core of a character or story. As an editor, I combine this understanding with professional editorial training, expertise and experience working with authors.

My aim is to help you make your book the best it can be.

I specialise in structural, substantive and developmental editing, and copy-editing for fiction and creative non-fiction authors.

I focus on the basic building blocks of story—character, plot and theme—and the synergy between them to help you develop your storytelling and writing craft. I help you strengthen your unique style, voice and vision and to create stories and narratives which engage readers from the opening paragraphs.

Genres: crime fiction, thrillers, historical fiction, romance, fantasy, paranormal and magical realism, literary fiction and middle grade children’s fiction.

Whether you are considering self-publishing or simply need to polish your manuscript for submission to an agent, publisher or writing competition, Book Nanny can help.

Not just for fiction…

Over the years, I have dealt with a wide variety of commercial documents for private sector companies in Ireland and the UK. I understand business and how it works. I also understand how important your print and digital content is for your business.

Book Nanny provides business clients with top-quality proofreading and proof-editing services to suit all their commercial content needs.

Structural and developmental editing services

Copy-editing and proofreading services

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Book Nanny Writing and Editing Services © Bernadette Kearns 2018 Book Nanny: passionate about editing

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