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Whether you are an indie author looking to self-publish or you want to polish your manuscript before submitting your novel to an agent or traditional publisher, Book Nanny can help.

My aim is to help you make your book the best it can be.

I specialise in developmental and structural editing, copy-editing, proofreading and manuscript evaluations/critiques for fiction and selected arts-themed non-fiction.

Genres: crime fiction, psychological thrillers, fantasy, paranormal and magical realism, romance, litrpg/gamelit and speculative fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction and middle grade children’s fiction, and any combination of the above.

Creative non-fiction/self-help: theatre, film, acting and drama, literature, culture and the arts.

Structural and developmental editing services

Copy-editing and proofreading services

IMPORTANT: I provide editorial services directly to clients only through this Book Nanny website – nowhere else! Please do not believe any service provider who tries to tell you otherwise.


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