Author testimonials


R. Maguire

When I sent what I thought might be the final draft of my novel to Bernadette for an evaluation, it was in worse shape than I thought. Bernadette took the story apart, making many practical suggestions on how to bring… Read more “R. Maguire”

K. Ryan

I was apprehensive when I contacted Book Nanny with regards to editing my children’s story, Paint Attack at Sunnytree. Firstly, I was concerned that I would feel discouraged after the editing process, and, secondly, I was worried that an editor might… Read more “K. Ryan”

G. Stull

‘There is no such thing as good writing, only good editing.’ Every writer has heard this said and knows the truth in it. But as a writer, it is not until you have to engage in that process that you… Read more “G. Stull”

G. Gillmore

Ged Gillmore author

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Book Nanny on my middle grade chapter book, Cats Undercover. Bernadette was approachable, punctual and efficient and provided top-quality copy-editing and proofreading for my manuscript. I have booked her in for my next… Read more “G. Gillmore”

D. Grimes

I had the good fortune of meeting Bernadette Kearns at the Dalkey Creates festival a few years ago. She came on board as copy-editor of my book which I was trying to send out to literary agents at the time.… Read more “D. Grimes”

G. le Jeune

Guy Le Jeune

It lurked digitally on my hard drive in a folder buried so deep, I hoped it would forget where it was. It sulked in a pile under my desk, harrumphing every time I started a new piece. It was ‘The Draft’: a chain around… Read more “G. le Jeune”

A. Taheny

Adrian Taheny - author and photographer

Telling stories is in our DNA. It’s an Irish thing. Getting them down on paper can be a bit more challenging. Some years ago, high up in the Dublin mountains, I met Bernadette Kearns at a creative writing course. As… Read more “A. Taheny”

Stephen Ball

Bernadette is the perfect guiding voice that is needed in the editing process. Her thoughtful yet concise analysis of your manuscript offers an outsider’s perspective that is sorely needed when one has to pinpoint what must be addressed to get… Read more “Stephen Ball”

N. Ashton

Nikki Ashton

Bernadette has become my new best friend. I’m fairly confident that I can write a good tale, but not so confident that I can use the correct grammar, or, indeed, use the right words in the right order. That’s where… Read more “N. Ashton”

S. Doyle

There are no books without editors. Every writer who ever attempted to review their own work understands this only too well. But a skilled editor like Bernadette Kearns brings a book into sharp focus. Her craft lies not only in… Read more “S. Doyle”