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Legal notices

Copyright, Data Protection and other legal notices for Book Nanny Writing and Editing Services.


The content (including text and images where indicated) contained on this website is solely the work of Bernadette Kearns trading as Book Nanny Writing and Editing Services and is fully protected by Irish and EU copyright legislation. All rights, including text and data mining rights, reserved. Unauthorised use or reproduction of the content is strictly prohibited. Written permission for commercial purposes should be obtained from the author in writing in advance of any use by contacting me via the Contact page of this website.  Reproduction of content for non-commercial use is allowed, provided that the original source website is acknowledged and full credit for the content is given to Book Nanny Writing and Editing Services.

No contract

All information (including all pricing and fees ranges) on this website is given as a general guideline and for information purposes only and does not constitute a guarantee or contract of any kind between Book Nanny Writing and Editing Services and the user.

No affiliations

Book Nanny Writing and Editing Services provides writing and editing services directly to its clients via this website only.

I am not affiliated or associated with, nor do I provide services to or by means of any other company, website, or third  party offering editing or writing services, other than those professional and partner memberships and affiliations referred to on this website.


Who I am

I am Bernadette Kearns, a sole trader providing freelance editorial and writing services. I am based in Dublin, Ireland and trade under the registered business name of Book Nanny Writing and Editing Services (business name registration number 517863). I run the site and the Book Nanny’s Blog site.

What data I need and why I need it (legal basis: contract for services/consent)

I need certain items of personal data from you in order to do business with you: your full name (first name and surname) and your email address. Without this information, I cannot prepare a quote for you or provide you with the editorial and writing services you are looking for. I will request further information (such as telephone number, postal address, location) only if it is necessary for me to have these details to provide you with the services you want.

All information is provided by you on a need-to-know basis and will be used only for the purpose for which it was given. No one else has access to it and it will not be shared with any third parties at any time unless you have given your written consent for me to do so in advance or I am obliged by law to do so.

If you have subscribed to the email Follow function on my website, then your email is stored in the website system for the sole purpose of notifying you of a post update as you have requested and is not added to any other Book Nanny Writing and Editing email list.

Client database and marketing list opt-in/-out

I will add your name and email address to my client database for general service and administrative purposes and may contact you in relation to tax matters, GDPR consents, testimonials and references, and where I have a legal basis or obligation to do so.

I will also add your email address to my client mailing list for marketing purposes and email you from time to time about new writing or editorial services or special offers or deals on existing editorial services. If you do not wish to receive these marketing emails, please tick the appropriate box on the Contact form.

How long do I keep your data?

I will keep your data for 6 years for tax purposes. As soon as possible after the 6-year period has expired, I will delete your personal data from my systems.

Access requests and deletion of records

It is your right to know what information I hold about you on my website or in my general records. It is also your right to request copies of all such information. If you wish to do so, please email me at, heading up your email with ‘GDPR Access Request’.

You are also entitled to ask for your personal data to be deleted entirely from all my systems (the right to be forgotten). If you wish me to do this, please email me at, heading up your email with ‘GDPR Deletion Request’.

It is also important that your personal data is kept accurate and up-to-date. If your email address or telephone number changes, please do let me know so that I can update my records for you and avoid the risk of sending out correspondence to the wrong address or number.

For all amendments, please email me at, heading up your email with ‘Amendment to personal data’.

All access, deletion and amendments requests will be dealt with within the GDPR deadlines of 1 month.

I don’t hold exclusive data on you, so you are free to take your data and give it to another company or organisation at any time.

Confidentiality and non-disclosure

Confidentiality is a two-way thing and both of us agree to abide by the confidentiality terms of this privacy policy. I will keep the specific nature and content of your work confidential at all times and not make it known to anyone without your written permission in advance. This includes any preliminary discussions, correspondence, negotiations, including all documents provided to me by you for the purposes of obtaining a quote or sample edit prior to commencement of a project. In turn, you will agree to keep confidential the contents of any contracts or agreements and all MS reports, evaluations, reviews, critiques and/or comments or edits which I send to you as part of our general correspondence or as part of the editing work I do for you and agree that it shall be not disclosed or reproduced in any forum or media without my prior written consent.

Online and professional organisation forums: I use online professional editorial forums as an invaluable resource to keep up with industry best practices and to help me to provide you with the highest quality editing services. These forums are professional member confidential and editing topics are discussed generally and in anonymised forms at all times.


Your privacy and the security of your personal data (and my own) is important to me and I take steps to protect them on my website and computer systems as best I can.

Computer systems and hardware

All my computer systems are running up-to-date software, including anti-virus and malware protection software. I regularly back up all data to external hard drives to protect against ransomware attacks.

All my computer systems and devices are password protected with strong passwords and encryption. I use different passwords for all devices and applications. I do not encrypt email correspondence or documents as a matter of course, but I can do so for individual clients on request.

I will ensure that all information is irretrievably wiped from all old devices and shred all paper or hard copy documents before I dispose of them. I will also ensure that any necessary repairs are carried out only by service providers who are fully GDPR compliant.

Website security

Book Nanny Writing and Editing Services is a website which is currently hosted by Laughing Squid who are based in New York City, USA.

The site uses WordPress/Jetpack tracking cookies which collect site traffic information in an anonymous form for statistical and analytical purposes. The analytics show traffic to the site. This helps me analyse which pages or posts are gaining the most traffic which is useful to me in terms of updating the website or preparing future posts which may be of interest to clients and blog followers.

I currently use a Jetpack plugin which connects with my WordPress Book Nanny blog and which also allows me to see the country location of anyone who visits my website. This is useful for me to determine whether my services are of interest to clients outside Ireland.

I also use security plugins such as Wordfence and other WordPress software which screen out the malware, brute force attacks and other online nasties to protect the Book Nanny website from spammers and hackers. These plugins will identify and check individual IP addresses to make sure they are not on their blacklists of known spammers/hackers and so on. These plugins are also provided by companies whose servers are based outside the EU and are therefore processing data outside the EU.

Book Nanny Writing and Editing Services website is SSL-certified by Comodo.  Book Nanny’s Blog is SSL-certified via

I also use a back-up plugin from Updraft (a UK-based company), which stores daily site back-ups to my Google Drive account.

A note about the EU’s GDPR

The EU’s new GDPR comes into force on 25 May 2018 and will apply to all companies and organisations worldwide who hold or process personal data belonging to individuals in the EU. It also contains extra legal agreement safeguards in relation to personal data being processed by companies whose servers are based outside the EU.

It is my understanding that some of the service providers mentioned above are currently working towards making their products and services fully GDPR compliant. I will continue to monitor the situation over the coming months and consider upgrades and/or moving to EU-based service providers should the need arise and where practicable.

Privacy policy links for website service provider

Laughing Squid
Wordfence (GDPR compliant)
Google Drive

Social media and email

Book Nanny’s Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail and email accounts are subject to the privacy and security policies for those organisations. None of the information provided by you is collated, used or stored by me separately or over and above the terms of use of those service providers.

Privacy and/or security breach reports

While I take precautions to ensure your personal data is safe and secure on all my systems and devices, I will notify you by email of any security or privacy breach as soon as possible (and within the GDPR deadline of 72 hours) following discovery of the breach if your personal data is at risk.

Terms of service

This Privacy Policy constitutes a Terms of Service for the provision of writing and editorial services and a Terms of Use of the Book Nanny website. Please tick the required button on the Contact page to confirm you have read this Privacy Policy and are consenting to provide the requested personal data on the basis of the terms set out in it. The general terms of this Privacy Policy, will apply to all client business conducted solely by email also.

If you have any further queries about this Privacy Policy, please contact me at

Contact me for further information or content use permissions

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