Structural and developmental editing

In fiction, story is everything and how you tell that story defines you as a writer. Book Nanny provides a range of structural and developmental editing services to suit every writer’s needs.

Structural editing 

Structural editing deals with the ‘bigger picture’ elements of a manuscript and looks at the structure of your narrative and your story as a whole.

Book Nanny’s structural line editing service focuses on the essential elements of storytelling: character, plot, dialogue, pacing, setting, point of view and narrative voice. It examines how each element interacts with the others to build the world of your story for the reader.

A structural line edit includes:

    • A line by line, fully-annotated structural analysis of the manuscript using the Comments function in MS Word
    • Comments on any stylistic issues or patterns which arise
    • A detailed evaluation report offering an overview of the structural issues with suggestions as to how you might resolve them in your next draft
    • Comments on any premise, target readership or genre issues in the manuscript

Pricing for structural line editing

Manuscript assessment

A manuscript assessment is an excellent and cost-effective way to see how your story is shaping up so far. I will read your book and prepare an in-depth report (min. 4 to 6 pages) highlighting the main structural strengths and weaknesses of the narrative.

I will look at the premise of your book, at stylistic, genre and target readership issues. I will also make recommendations to help you with the next set of rewrites or redrafting. I can also tailor the assessment to comment on any specific narrative or genre queries that you may have.

Pricing for manuscript assessments

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