Copy-editing and proofreading


In fiction, each choice of word weaves the fabric of an author’s unique voice and style.

Book Nanny’s copy-editing service is a traditional combination of stylistic and mechanical editing (editing for consistency, grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.) with the focus primarily on a manuscript’s language, the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the text, to ensure clarity of communication with the reader.

Copy-editing is the detailed fine-tuning and polish a manuscript needs following the upheavals of revisions and rewrites made during the developmental and structural edit stages—the final check to ensure that your story is engaging with the reader as effectively as possible.

If you are self-publishing, it is also an important part of the process in preparing your copy for layout and typesetting prior to publishing and printing.

Book Nanny’s copy-editing service includes: 

  • A line-by-line, fully annotated examination of your manuscript using MS Word Track Changes and Comments functions
  • Copy-edit focus on spelling, grammar, meaning and sense of words, spelling and style choices and stylistic issues such as repetition or overuse of words or phrases
  • Basic fact checking and consistency checks (a plot timeline, for example). More detailed subject matter specific fact checking can be provided as an additional service on request
  • Stylistic line editing with focus on the flow of text from one paragraph to the next and strengthening your narrative voice
  • Creating a style sheet listing all style and spelling choices
  • For indie publishers—format stripping your MS Word document and keying text in preparation for design styling, layout and typesetting

Pricing for copy-editing services


Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process: a proofreader will check for any typos or errors which remain in the manuscript following the copy-edit process and/or typesetting and layout.

I would recommend all indie authors to budget for more than one proofreading pass as part of your publishing process.

Pricing for proofreading services

For more information on copy-editing and proofreading, see ‘What type of editing?’ and ‘Editing and formatting tips’ in my Editing FAQs.

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