Why hire an editor?

Why hire a professional editor?

Why hire a professional editor to edit your book?

That’s an easy one to answer. You hire a professional editor because you want your work to be the best it can be.

A professional editor …

… can help you create your best work and fulfill your vision for your writing.

Hire a professional editorDon’t forget, writing may be a private and often solitary occupation, but publishing is not. It’s public, noisy and out there for everyone to see.  In a marketplace crowded with competition, whether you are an author or a business, it is vital to put your ‘best face forward’ in public and get your message across clearly to potential readers or customers. An editor can help you do this.

For further information, why not check out Book Nanny’s blog posts: ‘Remind me again why I need an editor’ and ‘The Business of Writing’.

Once you have decided to hire an editor, there are a number of other questions you should ask yourself:

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