Pricing for fiction

Fiction editing services

Pricing for fiction – developmental editing, copy-editing and proofreading

Pricing for fiction editing is normally charged on an hourly rate or price-per-word basis.

The length (word count) of a manuscript will directly affect the editing cost. So too will the amount and level of editing work necessary to bring the manuscript up to publishing standard. Authors can reduce editing costs by self-editing their manuscript thoroughly before submitting it to their editor.

Pricing for fictionBook Nanny’s standard rates for authors range from:

  • €25 per hour for simple proofreading
  • €40 per hour for copy-editing and
  • €45 per hour for developmental editing

A detailed quote for each type of editing is available on request.

To enable me to quote accurately, I usually ask an author to submit a number of chapters of the manuscript (the first 2-3 chapters and another 2-3 from the middle of the book) with their inquiry.

For copy-edit clients, Book Nanny also offers a sample copy-edit (max. 850 words) to assist an author in making the correct choice of editor.

Pricing for fiction – manuscript evaluations

Book Nanny’s manuscript evaluation fees range from €400 to €600 depending on the length and complexity of the manuscript. Quotes available on request.

Pricing for fiction – author mentoring

Please contact Book Nanny for details.

To obtain a quote, please complete the form on the Contact Book Nanny page.

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