G. Stull

‘There is no such thing as good writing, only good editing.’

Every writer has heard this said and knows the truth in it. But as a writer, it is not until you have to engage in that process that you realise how hard it is to achieve good editing.

While there is certainly no silver bullet to make the task painless, having a good editor on your side is the difference between succeeding and only half-succeeding. A good editor is someone you can trust to get behind the scenes of your book’s secret world and help you pull open the curtain; someone who is willing to put careful eyes to your manuscript and never look up until it’s finished. Someone with the strength of character to tell you when you’ve gone wrong and yet maintain the generosity of spirit to accept your ownership of the artistic vision.

Bernadette Kearns is a good editor.

G. Stull, author of The Hydra. 

GENRE: Speculative political thriller