K. Ryan

I was apprehensive when I contacted Book Nanny with regards to editing my children’s story, Paint Attack at Sunnytree. Firstly, I was concerned that I would feel discouraged after the editing process, and, secondly, I was worried that an editor might to take the story in a direction that I hadn’t intended.

Fortunately, neither of these things happened. After Bernadette completed a manuscript evaluation which pointed out some major structural problems with my story, I didn’t feel discouraged. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I felt strangely determined and excited about tackling the necessary changes. This is because, as well as addressing the problems, Bernadette also focused on what was working in the story.

In addition, any changes that Bernadette suggested in both the manuscript evaluation and the structural line/copy-edit, she always gave valid reasons as to why they were necessary for either story or character development. I am fairly sure that the story or characters wouldn’t have developed in the way they did without her guidance.

Overall, I would have no problems in recommending Book Nanny. I found her helpful, knowledgeable, and very encouraging, and, should the opportunity arise, I would definitely avail of her services in the future.

K. Ryan, author

GENRE: Children’s fantasy adventure