R. Maguire

When I sent what I thought might be the final draft of my novel to Bernadette for an evaluation, it was in worse shape than I thought. Bernadette took the story apart, making many practical suggestions on how to bring it into sharper focus. How to re-think the characters and better define them and their motivations. She has an instinct for what works on the page, but, more important, what doesn’t work.

I sat down to do a rewrite, armed with Bernadette’s in-depth report. This time I was aiming for clarity in the story, which meant, really, as she pointed out, taking the reader into consideration.

Working from her edits when she’d proofed the novel was yet another learning experience, but also a pleasure. I highly recommend Bernadette’s editing services. A writer anxious to take his or her book to the next level couldn’t do better than to contact Bernadette Kearns.